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Poster: postunder Date: Jan 23, 2007 12:48am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Overhuman Project - Neuro Confusion Remixes Album (Psylosophy/Postunder)

Overhuman Project - Neuro Confusion Remixes

ID: PSLCD001F / puMpL010
Labels: Psylosophy Records / Postunder Records
Artist: VA (Overhuman Project and Friends)
Title: Neuro Confusion Remixes
Date: January 2007
Format: 320kbps mp3
Length: 66:52

1. Overhuman Project - Neuro Confusion (Odd Sequence RMX) (6:34)
2. Overhuman Project - Neuro Confusion (Original Mix) (7:53)
3. Overhuman Project - Neuro Confusion (Wizack Twizack RMX) (7:02)
4. Overhuman Project - Neuro Confusion (Abnormal Killers RMX) (6:45)
5. Overhuman Project - Neuro Confusion (Divine Stones RMX) (6:26)
6. Overhuman Project - Neuro Confusion (Fright Rate RMX) (6:14)
7. Overhuman Project - Neuro Confusion (0verdosed RMX) (5:41)
8. Overhuman Project - Neuro Confusion (Noized RMX) (6:45)
9. Overhuman Project - Neuro Confusion (Palex RMX) (7:33)
10. Overhuman Project - Neuro Confusion (DelusionalRMX) (5:59)

One day, as I woke up, I had this messy little idea going around in circles in my head: it was about getting some god damn recognition inside the psychedelic world culture, but not in a cocky self-centered kind of way, or through independent auto-recognition, no! It was about having more people enjoying the Overhuman Project experience and sharing the concept, by evoking the help of other psy trance producers. And so, what did I think?! Well, I pride myself in being a smart dude, so I thought that maybe I could also get something out of this. I didn’t exactly know it was, I’m not that smart that I can predict those kind of things, but I was pretty sure that it had something to do with what I truly want to take out of these experiences, the most important objective to me on this life: learning.

So, after thinking about it way too much, I realized the best idea was to promote, through the spamization of as many psy forums as possible, the psy-culture and producers: the idea was quite simple: sharing a remix package full of samples of one of the bests tracks I’ve made so far. Now you ask yourself: what can this guy possibly win with this experiment, when he does not release these tracks with a label and gets some tasty tasty profit out of this? The answer, my friends, is simpler than you might expect: if I ever wanted to take something out of this, it was knowledge and, in my humble overhuman-ish opinion, and by my own personal experience, the best way to learn is the sharing mode. So, after deciding to go with the idea of sharing, I put it to work and I was astonished by the massive response of the worldwide psychedelic culture, supporting this project and taking part in it, by remixing NeuroConfusion themselves. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw the remixes coming through, so the idea eventually grew to become a big independent project, with two primordial objectives: having fun and learning by hearing to different perspectives of the sounds chosen by me. This, I call a New Expression of Unity Routed by Overhuman!

All this was, in my opinion, a really fun and learning experience, and I’m sure all artists involved on this ass-kicking album will agree with me on that. I’d like to send a huge thank you to everyone who took part in this project, much respect. As for the listeners: I myself, and the artists involved, hope you too can take something out of this, by absorbing the different takes on the same track as the result of different perspectives, different cultures, different realities and personal taste. This couldwork as a metaphor for a world where different opinions can work together towards the same goal. And that is worthwhile!»

- Juan Fernando Murcia Franco
(Overhuman Project)

Cover Art By: Overhuman Project